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Wreckage will be a  limited 3 issues series by fan favorite writer of previous Zombie years shorts “Falling for You” and “The Ocean Breathes Salty…” Dan Fernandez, with incredible indelible drawing animal Jude Millien  bringing the visual breath to the series, comes this original take on his ZOMBIE YEARS . This will be an outside story arc taking place while coming up to January hen issue 10 will be released for limited convention print run and digital download.

Lot of changes happening here at ZY, as we go into a new eras both for the comic, for CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT and really myself. It’s exciting folks, like the undead gnashing its teeth at your throat exciting!




Those of you who know me, know that I am a great evangelist when it comes to comics and making comics, I think everyone should read them, try making them, and appreciating them. That’s why  i’m going to at TATE’S COMICS  to support the day (among other events) and we’re giving AWAY ISSUE 1 of  ZOMBIE YEARS! (this is issue 1, Vol.1 the very FIRST ISSUE!) JUST CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW! 

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 6.06.21 PM


Meet Frank Nuñez, a relatively young survivor who’s now worked out his life in this new world. He’s been able to eek out a living among the dead as he delves deep into the reaches of the city to find anything to make life better. Frank is beaten–he doesn’t want anything from anyone. He now resides in his mind. To survive. To see the next day. But one day while scavenging, a girl comes into his life. All-of-a-sudden survival is not enough…

“Zombie Years” is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place in a zombie-infested Miami, a few years after the world falls. Survivors must now get-by in a world ruled by the dead. Only through survival skills, DIY, and Cafesito can the survivors hope to make a new world for themselves! This festival of flesh chronicles the lives of Delilah and her survivor allies as they struggle to feed themselves, gather supplies, and make sense of where they are and what else is out there.


LOVE is in the air….and some Blood… and some trachea…. and….

Hey Everybody, How’s it…

HEY STOP THROWING STUFF, I KNOW! I KNOW! I haven’t been able to post a new page for a while, okay, I get it, you don’t have…. PUT THAT CHAINSAW DOWN!


Alright yes it’s been a while since I was able to post and it’s hectic to say the least around here. i have several project i have to finish before I move on with ZY, and on top of that, I’m tired of not bringing my A game to this book, at times. Since I help run Creature Entertainment, with my partners in crime like John Ulloa and Jose Varese, I am away from the drawing board way more than I want. Plus with the recent spike of con appearances (c2e2, and the upcoming FCBD and  Myrtle Beach X-con) I can’t for the life of me get back to it. I also have a Kickstarter I need to finish sending stuff out for, and put down some other personal stuff. That being said, do or die, I will have this issue done soon.

That why the above image makes me gleeful.

This was a sketch cover of a really awesome couple we se when we do NYCC, so for us it was a cool surprise to see them in Chi-town at C2E2 and talk to them again. They are immensely cool. So cool in fact, that they commissioned me for another piece. I was kind of hesitant, because I was kinda rusty and in the whirlwind of selling and talking at the con, I didn’t want to do a bad job. But I guess I was backed up in creative juices (yes, make your jokes) and when I went at it, armed with new COPIC markers, it was just too MUCH FUN. I loved doing it, and they were super happy with it so in the end, it was a gorgeous thing!

I want to thank EVERYBODY who came to see us at C2E2, it’s what makes trying to run a comic publisher more than running a business, but that excellent feeling of connecting with people who love comics almost as much as we do and celebrate!




Sorry for another delay folks but I underestimated the power of driving 15 hours in one day and how it just wrecked my ass. I slept like 12 hours just to recoup the 24 hours of being awake I did. Ugh.

But I leave you in good hands, that of Noel Castillo and his awesome Zombie Years Sketch Cover ( which you can always buy from us at any comic-con and/or our store) featuring the ever lovable cabron Cuban, Eusebio enjoying a cigar, and wielding his rifle as the zombies come a knocking on his door!

Here a link to a bigger size.

Check Noel’s blog for sketches and insight into his artwork and also check out more on Zombie Years Facebook page


This weekend we’ll be at Marble City Comicon in Knoxville Tennessee! We all some new prints and comics ready to go! Fwacata will be there, sketching away!




I think I’ll put the full lyrics I wrote later on here….

Also This weekend:


A mega group art show where all the work is square in shape, but all other bets are off. Artists were asked to do their best work and show off their skills!

I will have a painting up there under the moniker of FWACATA, it’s part of a series of portraits I’m currently working. most likely after I will post about it on here, till then check out the show.

Then this whole weekend end check out ANIMATE! Miami where I will signing books for ZOMBIE YEARS at the Creature Entertainment booth!Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.05.47 AMThe whole weekend I will most like be live tweeting and Instagram- ing from the show floor, so follow me on there!

After that we have one more awesome in January, that I’m helping run, a simple comic book soiree we’re calling MIDNIGHT SANDWICH:


Creature-Flyer-2014-front-4x5_webWe’re doing a little beer and pizza shindig with prizes and Art and Beer! Did I mention Beer?!?

So yeah  I have my hands full…

Gruesome Halloween Costumes Inspired by Horror Movie Classics

Spirits of the underworld are preparing to make their peculiar presence known on All Hallows Eve and now’s the time to prepare yourself to be met with eerie events and spooky spectacles as the festivities of Halloween are soon to arrive…

There is still time to welcome the ghouls and ghosts in style and it begins with finding the perfect costume from places such as http://www.morphsuits.co.uk to instil fear and discomfort amongst the living and embrace the undead.

To truly welcome the harrowing events of Halloween, the costume needs to represent the purpose of the evening and inspiration can be taken from some of the most terrifying and disturbing horror movies and the characters that have created overwhelming terror amongst audiences.


A Vampire, the ideal of the undead, a corpse that rises from its grave each night to prey on the innocence of the living and feed upon their fresh blood simply to survive. A creature that must return to its dark, underground lair before the rise of the sun instilling fear through its night time reign of terror.

1931 saw the release of ‘Dracula’, a film based on the count and ever since it has been the central figure in irrational fears and therefore lends itself to creating the perfect Halloween costume.

The simplistic nature of the costume can easily produce a threatening figure that is the very epitome of Halloween characters.


The Crow

From beginning to end, ‘The Crow’ has a sinister edge; a darkness that does not subside at any point in the film and the central character is at the heart of the disturbing nature of the feature.

A murdered musician comes back from the dead to avenge his murder and the killing of his fiancée. His startling appearance, the deathly pale face, the black clothing, and the need for revenge make for one of the most harrowing characters and incorporates all the desired elements that make for the ideal Halloween costume.

The Joker

An overwhelming edge of insanity, a thirst for blood so great, a dangerous criminal with a disturbing appearance that reflects the nature of the persons state of mind, the ideal Halloween character.


The Joker from ‘Batman: Dark Knight Rises’ evolved the very nature of the film and gave it a much-needed sinister edge. From beginning to end, the Joker leaves a feeling of fear and intimidation in his wake through his state of mind and appearance. The Joker’s role is to destroy Batman, a character representative of all things good and honest and the pure evil that seeps through the very pores of the Joker means it is one of the most disturbing characters and costumes.


The Living Dead

Death can be a fearful experience particularly when a person comes back to life seeking vengeance and blood, allowing for no escape, showing no empathy for the lives they are about to end.


In 2003, ’28 Days Later’ was released and the fear of the undead was reignited as zombies retained their human features with the added thrill of murder, cannibalism and strength to overpower and destroy the living.


The simplistic nature of the zombie enables one of the best and most effective Halloween costumes to be created to emulate the murderous, frantic qualities of the undead.


One of the ‘Strangers’

There is nothing better than spending an evening in the comfort of the home, shutting out the outside world enjoying a relaxed night with a loved one, until it all comes crashing down with a vengeful edge.


‘Strangers’ was released in 2008 and haunted the audience as it portrayed the very real fears and insecurities of people coming true. The combination of strangers entering the home to massacre and torture innocent people, disguising themselves as they destroy an entire family for no reason at all, the film quickly became one of the most harrowing films of the decade.

A simple outfit of ordinary clothes with a disturbing and haunting mask to disguise the face and the reason for the blood thirst… the epitome of a Halloween outfit.

Article by Debbie Fletcher

PRESS: Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made

 article I wrote on the MANY pressure sof running a KICKSTARTER and making COMICS….

Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors.

DIY or DIE: Cuba

MAKE | Makers in Cuba: DIY Becomes do or Die.

If you ever want to see this in action in America go to Hialeah. Coñooooooo


Hey folks, this week will be a bi-week since we were busy with Ocala-Comic con and now coming up this week:

Creature-Supercon-banner-FBThis 4th of JULY weekend we will be out and about once again at our favorite con of the year, our hometown of Miami Florida‘s  FLORIDA SUPERCON!

We’ll be located at BOOTH# 740 come by because we will have new books and prints,
I will be speaking at 3 panels this weekend, mostly about how to make comics, the awesomeness of comics  and how comics are awesome ( you see a pattern here?)
Thursday, July 4 • 2:30pm – 3:30pm INDEPENDENT COMICS in 2013
An open and frank discussion about the state of the independent comics scene in 2013. For anyone who is looking to self publish their own comic or planning to publish indie comics, come learn from the people that are on the front lines. Including: Martin Pierro (Publisher, Writer), Terry Cronin (Publisher, Writer), Thomas Mumme (Creator of The Accelerators), Michael Kingston (Publisher, Writer), Juan Navarro (Editor-in -Chief)  Creature Entertainment (Publishers) and more tba!
Saturday, July 6 • 9:45pm – 10:45pm NERD NATION PRESENTS: COMIC MAKING 101
Join some of Indy comics best answer all the questions you have about making your own comic. What paper do I use? Is Kickstarter for me? All of these questions and more are answered in this intense Q and A.
Sunday, July 7 • 11:00am – 12:00pm COMIC BOOK SELF PUBLISHING
You’ve heard it before: now is the best time to be making your own comics. Indie creators Juan Navarro (Creature Entertainment) & Martin Pierro (Cosmic Times) along with other special guests will talk about how they successfully published their own work. They will answer your questions on the nuts and bolts, including the tough stuff like finding the right collaborators, self-promotion, and more!

I will also be doing sketch covers, like the ones you see here:

IMG_2691 2 IMG_2696 IMG_2700

for $25  a book, if you want one, let me know I can even take preorders, just e-mail me, and we’ll go from there.

SUPERCON 2013! THIS WEEKEND! | Creature Entertainment.

Great #Raven Cosplay from #teentitans (with Martin from @cosmictimes being oddly effected by her energies)

Great #Raven Cosplay from #teentitans (with Martin from @cosmictimes being oddly effected by her energies)
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