Wednesday — October 15th, 2014


…aaaaaand we’re back!

Sorry for the delay folks, but between NYCC last week (which was AWESOME, thank to everyone who came out and supported ZY!)  and a new PHP patch and server move with our host, I jsut couldn’t get the comic up until now! FORGIVE ME!

So with no further delay here is page 7 of Wreckage by Dan Fernandez and Jude Millien



Another page brought to you by Dan Fernandez and Nashmy Marquez


I will be doing a panel on Saturday I believe (I’ll announce time on twitter, probably) and be at the Creature Entertainment booth most of the day, signing books and prints, maybe doing quick commissions in between. More info HERE

At night, when the Goo Goo Mucks come out, I will be at: MIDSAN-July-2014-BANNERWe’re doing a SMALL set up this time at a new venue, our first in Broward, for the Hollywood Art Walk, also selling our wares, and I will be doing some artwork there, maybe live art, but if not hanging out and talking some comic talk. More info HERE

and also only 48 hours left on REZ: A Million LIVES AN HOUR!

Spread the word and pledge now as the rewards get fatter as we go!


Also Guys, if you didn’t know:


This weekend I will be HARTFORD COMIC-CON with Creature Entertainment alongside Jose Varese and Jeff Dekal, with brand new Cover to issue 1 of volume 2 of ZOMBIE YEARS by Jose, colored by Mario Gonzalez!


If you want to book a sketch or sketch card before hand, hit me up on here or on my DeviantART page!

The Sunshine State can be a pain in the ass

Sorry folks, due to some problems with moving some files around, ZOMBIE YEARS is going to be late today, probably for tonight or tomorrow.

To stave off your ferocity, here is an amazing sketch cover done by the amazing Steve Lydic, done in marker. You can find more of his awesomeness HERE.

See you tonight!

Get the first five issues of ZOMBIE YEARS for $15!

What WHAT?

ZOMBIE YEARS issues 1-5
“The writing is solid, the art is appealing and vibrant and the series doesn’t waste a lot of time with clumsy exposition or setup — it’s action packed from the word go, with explosions, face-shooting and hand-to-hand mayhem abounding in the few short pages available.” -inevitablezombieapocalypse.com
“Juan Navarro threads a worthy tale of zombie survival. His art style is half-underground half self-taught, that brings gloominess and darkness to the pages of the story.” - comicwatcher.wordpress.com
” Navarro has a great talent for very cinematic angles, character shading, and graphic zombie killing action. And anyone who writes and draws their own book should be lauded.” - geeksmash.com
“Zombie Years” is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place in a zombie-infested Miami, a few years after the world falls. Survivors must now get-by in a world ruled by the dead. Only through survival skills, DIY, and Cafesito can the survivors hope to make a new world for themselves! This festival of flesh chronicles the lives of Delilah and her survivor allies as they struggle to feed themselves, gather supplies, and make sense of where they are and what else is out there.
Now you can own the original “WEB FORMAT” volume ONE! Issue 1-5 of the Highly Acclaimed Zombie Tale by creator Juan Navarro (Tommy, VIGIL,FWACATA.com)

Blood in the Water Zombie Years #7 Cover

Available this weekend at FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013! Painted by the Untamable, the Art Animal, Patrick Reilly, it’s 24 pages of freaking awesome! Also available at CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT ‘S store!