Life After Death Page 12
Wednesday — August 12th, 2015

Life After Death Page 12

Back again, once again, the comic animal!

So yeah we were gone for a bit. This is going to happen. I’m trudging on forward as best as possible to keep comics coming and going, but right now between opening the shop and pursuing this forward, I have been very VERY broke. Truthfully. So because of this I’ve had to do what I can, pick up work where I can, to keep the pages coming. I Apologize for it, but these are the rocks when you make comics. It’ s hard, it sucks, and takes a lot. I love it.

Enjoy. And if you want to help, hit up the donation bar to the right ——>

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Life After Death Page 11

Boom, the things you talk about when you’re stuck on a roof.

Also two new podcasts! Check it:


Okay, so…

Plain and simply, I’m tired of turning in shit.

I want Zombie Years to be the best it can be, to not have these swells between great pages and so-so pages. Even though I stick by all the work I’ve done here, I know at times I’ve rushed to be on time and up on Wednesday. But if I do, in the long run, I noticed, with the print editions, it’s not the same, it becomes shit and wonky, and I can’t help but suck my teeth when I look at certain sections.


That means thing will be late on occasion. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but in the plan of things and making other things in my career work, I’ve really stepped in it, and have responsibilities I have to meet, and one of them is to this book to make it awesome… maybe not on time, but awesome. As soon as we get our ducks in a row, we’ll get this back on track, until then please be patient.

It’s hot as balls now in Miami and I see the setting sun through the comic shop window, I feel good. My one problem is money, and as I was telling my Moms, if thats all, I’m in a pretty awesome place.

Thanks for listening and see you guys on the road. New ZY next week for sure!

ZOMBIE YEARS #10 Life After Death


It begins here, issue 10.

How better to show that off with this awesome variant cover by Mike Prezzato (which you may have seen here and here)

Next the pages will be trickling in as issue 10 opens, questions are answered, and ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!

Here is the latest episode of the podcast:

Updates to the podcast, new sponsors, new podcasts in the mix and then we delve into “WOMEN IN COMICS” not “WOMEN IN COMICS?”

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Wait… you mean me!

Yeah folks here is some gorgeous Patrick Reilly Zombie Goodness to distract you from no page today as we head into issue 10 Next week! We’re working hard on getting the next couple of weeks together so it’s been a mad house, but if you want more, go get Pat’s art book it is the fucking bomb! Amazing artwork collected for the first time and available now!

Also check out my podcast, this weeks theme in preparation for issue 10: ZOMBIE YEARS!

This episode, I talk to you about being an indie publisher in Diamond at the moment, and inside look into making comics, The Right way, The wrong way, and the Juan Navarro way while blabbing about ZOMBIE YEARS, my own comic series that is hitting ISSUE 10 next week.

Call in with your questions 806-414-JUAN
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SKETCHBOOK: Readying to Aim… | FWACATA Blog!


SKETCHBOOK: Readying to Aim… | FWACATA Blog!.

ZOMBIE YEARS: Where’s issue 10?

First let me just say that what Fernandez and Millien are doing with “WRECKAGE” has been astounding, and I’m really in love with what they can do with the Zombie Years. That being said, I’ve already been asked in couple of spot, (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) about issue 10 of Zombie Years. Most of the question are like, well this:

But I’m actually on it, I just have to finish some bits and pieces of the script and just start drawing. I have been INCREDIBLY busy getting RAVENOUS ready for Diamond and all our ducks in a row, meanwhile we have some shows coming up, Like the miami Books Fair, and this weekend is:

I would love to be bringing ZOMBIE YEARS to folks full-time, but unfortunately that ludicrous comics money has not come my way, so I have to bust my ass like every other schmoe, while making this comic. Pain in the ass.

So till then, keep rising from the grave bro!


RAVENOUS – More than a HUNGER! by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter.

We’re at it again, this time with an amazing project that I’ve been part of as Editor and now as Series writer (starting in issue 2)  created by the amazing team of  John Ulloa and Jose Varese.

Jose is an amazing artist, and you should really check out his work and his Instagram page, and Jon has been the driving force behind Creature with me at every con. This is the chance for them to shine and get Ravenous out to more people than ever!

In January, we will be in the Diamond Distribution PREVIEWS catalog, soliciting nationally for the first time with RAVENOUS. It’s a great book, with a cool story, amazing art, and story arc that’s going to blow minds.  Check it out and pledge what you can, even a buck is awesome, and if not SPREAD THE WORD! 

As much as this is a business move with a hot-new project and another step in global domination, this is also a chance for my friend Jose to reach his full potential. He recently took the plunge and left a job that was treating him like crap, and decided to go into a more rewarding career as an artist on his own. He’s already doing great, let me tell you, and it was a calculated risk, but really one that, as you can see from his work and following, was kind of a no brainer too. He just needed to do it. So as a fellow artist, his business partner, and friend, I think I am more stoked to see this happen and burst at the seams MORE so for him than anything I’ve done. So take a look and let me know what you think!

Here are some more examples of his work: 

43dc34e12f06983e439bbe53546f5ec3_large 10433235_1451136555152480_7380599154476262495_n 156067_1463701750562627_7561645396650109374_n 1610761_1445277879071681_7393926317886931754_n 10606122_1462637077335761_2198974231918516982_n 7557496d87be6e1a6be6b3b2ce8931b5_large Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.56.26 AM 84298312b255228bb0d2a6c9ba624a73_largeDIG?

Hit up the Kickstarter page and show some love, we’ll see you guys soon!

Jose’s Facebook and Instagram



Another page brought to you by Dan Fernandez and Nashmy Marquez


I will be doing a panel on Saturday I believe (I’ll announce time on twitter, probably) and be at the Creature Entertainment booth most of the day, signing books and prints, maybe doing quick commissions in between. More info HERE

At night, when the Goo Goo Mucks come out, I will be at: MIDSAN-July-2014-BANNERWe’re doing a SMALL set up this time at a new venue, our first in Broward, for the Hollywood Art Walk, also selling our wares, and I will be doing some artwork there, maybe live art, but if not hanging out and talking some comic talk. More info HERE

and also only 48 hours left on REZ: A Million LIVES AN HOUR!

Spread the word and pledge now as the rewards get fatter as we go!


Also Guys, if you didn’t know:


This weekend I will be HARTFORD COMIC-CON with Creature Entertainment alongside Jose Varese and Jeff Dekal, with brand new Cover to issue 1 of volume 2 of ZOMBIE YEARS by Jose, colored by Mario Gonzalez!


If you want to book a sketch or sketch card before hand, hit me up on here or on my DeviantART page!

The Sunshine State can be a pain in the ass

Sorry folks, due to some problems with moving some files around, ZOMBIE YEARS is going to be late today, probably for tonight or tomorrow.

To stave off your ferocity, here is an amazing sketch cover done by the amazing Steve Lydic, done in marker. You can find more of his awesomeness HERE.

See you tonight!